Pennies for Protectors


May 2019
Hayden Meadows Elementary School, Hayden ID

Pennies for Protectors is organized and supported by educators at Hayden Meadows Elementary. Each year young children in Kootenai County gather together to show their support and respect for local first responders. Modest in age and stature, these young folks stand tall with enthusiasm and love for their community. Their efforts toward learning about their role within community is evidenced in their contributions to the annual Pennies for Protectors fundraiser.

Funds raised during the educational event result in an annual contribution to Kootenai County Police and Fire Memorial Foundation. To date Pennies for Protectors have raised a total of over $5,600.

The actions that these children demonstrate are a testament to future generations and citizens of Kootenai County.

Thank you Hayden Meadows Elementary and Kristen Childers for fostering a spirit of generosity in our young people.



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