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Register ONLINE 🤩  for the KCPFMF Golf Tournament.


Great news! The 13th Annual Memorial Foundation Avondale Golf Tournament is now open for registration. Hold on to your seats because this year we are offering online registration through the Eventbrite platform! We are very exited to be offering this added convenience. The change allows us to be better prepared for all the those interested in making advance arrangements to play for the day and also to give our attention to those last minute stragglers who register on the day of the event itself. Either way you will be better served with less lines, less waiting and more time on the golf course enjoying the day 🌝.

If you’d rather register the old fashioned way, no problem. Contact for more information about the Tournament and request the registration forms via email.

It’s a gonna be a great event and a great day. We look forward to having you register online  and seeing you on the day of the event.


Better get ready....It's tournament time at Avondale Golf Course.

13th Annual Memorial Foundation Golf Tournament.jpg

Mark your Calendars.

The 13th Annual Memorial Foundation Golf Tournament is August 24th, 2018. That's right. It's that time again.


Happy New Year 2017.


Happy New Year from Kootenai County Police and Fire Memorial Foundation. Cheers to you and your loved ones for a bright, safe and prosperous 2017.


Awesome Peak Fitness Fundraiser: Over $20,000 Raised

The Annual Charity Bike Ride organized by Peak Fitness raised over $20,000 for local first responders within Kootenai County and it's surrounding areas. The event was held at the Peak Fitness Post Falls location Friday February 19th. Riders arrived around 6am with many others visiting into the evening when the event ended at midnight. Peak Fitness's very own Joe Houser rode and raised funds for the entire length of the event. What a champion! Thanks Joe.

In May of 2015,  Coeur d'Alene Police Sgt. Greg Moore was tragically shot and killed in the line of duty. The Annual Peak Fitness Charity Ride was organized in support of Sgt. Greg Moore's memory. The $20,000 will make it possible for Kootenai County Police and Fire Memorial Foundation to continue providing financial support to first responders during their time in need.

If you missed the event and couldn't make it you can give now in the amount of $35.00!

Give Now

Finally thank you to the Peak Fitness Annual Charity Bike Ride which was an enormous success and in no small part due to the participation of our Sponsors. Thank you for showing support for the event and for our local community. 

Sponsors of the 2016 Annual Peak Fitness Charity Ride:




1-800 BOARD UP


Showing Support: Photos from our 10th Annual Golf Tournament, Part 2

Many of our events are realized with the support of sponsors and contributions from individuals. Here are some sponsorship highlights from the 10th Annual Kootenai County Police and Fire Memorial Foundation Avondale Golf Tournament. When you sponsor our events you make our community a responsible community to be a part of. Thanks to our sponsors, contributors, volunteers and participants for making it a lovely day in Hayden, Idaho.


The Memorial Foundation seeks to provide financial grants to Kootenai County first responders and their families who experience unforeseen catastrophic circumstances including death, illness, and injury. Are you a first responder within Kootenai County? Did you know that you can elect to have a monthly contribution deducted from your pay?  

Make your a commitment to yourself, your peers – as well as your community with monthly contribution today!

To elect a monthly tax-deductible contribution:  


phone: (208) 598-8353

On the Green: Photos from our 10th Annual Golf Tournament, Part 1

We are happy to present to you the first in a three part post. These slideshow presentations will be highlights from this year's KC Police & Fire Memorial Foundation Avondale Golf Tournament. The selection of photographs were submitted by volunteers, participants and board members.  Thank you to all those who contributed.