Pennies for Protectors


Each year a group of Kootenai County community members gather together to show their support and raise funds for their local first responders.  While this community may be modest in age and stature, their efforts, enthusiasm, love and support for their community stands tall. Evidence of their incredible contributions is the annual Pennies for Protectors fundraiser organized and hosted by Hayden Meadows Elementary School. 
Each year since 2006, children from Hayden Meadows Elementary have raised funds for KootenaI County Police and Fire Memorial Foundation. To date the funds they have raised total over $5,300. This year they raised and donated $589.73.  We are grateful to them for hard work as they are testament to the future generations of Kootenai County’s local ethic of giving back and getting involved in the communities we are part of. 
Please join us in thanking Hayden Meadows Elementary and their students for the tremendous job they have done bringing our community closer together with their valuable contributions this year and year’s past. 


Christopher Palacios

Palacios is an experience designer for web and print.