In order for the Foundation to address the need for financial and/or material support, the Foundation requests you review and be prepared to identify the below questions.

Once the Foundation receives request(s) for assistance, at least two directors are assigned to research the request and report their findings back to Kootenai County Police & Fire Memorial Foundation Board of Directors and make a recommendation.


  • Interview (when possible) person(s) requesting assistance
    Historically, a co-worker, union or association rep. is the individual(s) advocating for the person(s) in need.

  • It is most important that this person has first hand knowledge regarding the below requested information.


  •  Financial amount requested, and how arrived at that amount?
  • If medical equipment or ADA projects are requested, what is the specific cost?
  • What is the department medical insurance coverage, deductible, out of pocket maximum and/or co-pays, etc.?
  • If funeral expenses, what is the insurance coverage?
  • Does the individual(s) have any other medical or supplemental insurance, i.e. Medicare?
  • Is this a one-time request, or if known will there be a need for future assistance?
  • If travel or lodging is involved, has liaison with brother agencies been made for lodging or assistance?
  • What is the first responder’s agency doing to assist, i.e. dinner, donations, raffle, GoFundme or fundraiser?
  • Are there any other events or fundraisers planned?

The board of director’s has the discretion to pay any creditor(s) and/or vendor(s) directly on an approved award.

This criteria was established as a result of past requests. All requests are reviewed and based on case-by-case circumstances and are strict confidential.

 ~Board of Directors


Who can apply for financial or material assistance?

Any Kootenai County sworn first responder, who works in Kootenai County, is eligible. 

How do I apply? 

You may contact the Kootenai County Police & Fire Memorial Foundation via our website: or calling telephone (208) 598-8353. The Foundation understands that it is sometimes difficult to ask for assistance. All inquiries are held in strict confidentiality. It is not necessary to apply through your chain of command.

What is the process?

The Foundation determined that a Criteria for Assistance Protocol (CAP) was needed to ensure that person(s) making requests for assistance were prepared to provide necessary information to support the request for assistance. 

Once the request is made a Foundation director will contact the requesting person(s) and an interview will be scheduled.