All funds raised by the Kootenai County Police & Fire Memorial Foundation are used to financially assist Kootenai County first responders and their families. College scholarships for responder dependents are awarded annually.

No public funds are used. The Foundation is sponsored solely by private and corporate donations, first responder’s payroll contributions and an annual golf tournament.

No board director member receives compensation. 

*The Kootenai County Police & Fire Memorial Foundation provides financial grants to Kootenai County first responders and their families who experience unforeseen catastrophic circumstances including death, illness, and injury. Thank you!

We at the Kootenai County Police & Fire Memorial Foundation and the families we serve are deeply grateful for your generosity! 

A firefighter was injured on the job and awaited surgery when he and his wife were blessed with a daughter. Christmas quickly approached; medical bills for his injury and for the birth of their daughter mounted. The Foundation provided relief for the young family, and they were able to enjoy their first Christmas as parents.

Employee Contributions

In 2005 Coeur d’ Alene City, Post Falls Police Department and Rathdrum Police Department established a voluntary payroll deduction program, which allow contributions to be made to the Foundation.

The Memorial foundations is an Idaho tax-exempt non-profit organization, we receive charitable contributions from citizens as well as our fundraiser Golf Tournament. First responders may also make a charitable contribution via a payroll deduction each month.

All funds raised are used for the sole purpose of supporting the Kootenai County first responders and their families; you may contact the Foundation for further information regarding this voluntary program. 

Police & Fire Departments in Kootenai County

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Post Falls Police Department

Kootenai County Sheriff Office

Coeur d' Alene Tribal Police Department

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Coeur d' Alene Fire Department

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